Contemporary Martyr

Rachel Scott is one of the young high school students that were purported to have answered the murderous troubled youth's question: "Do you believe in God?"

Her answer, "Yes." like Cassie's was rewarded with her too soon death by a point-blank gunshot at Columbine on what should have been a fine spring day on the twentieth of April, 1999.

Even if the conversation was transformed into the realm of legend and myth, she penned in her short life a diary that contained her Spiritual quest to quell her human angst. Her parents have published a book, Rachel's Tears on which includes the byline, The Spiritual Journey of Columbine Martyr Rachel Scott that includes her father's preface followed by excerpts, of which two significant ones should be noted:

(A Year Before )

Dear God,

Why do I feel dry in Your Spirit? Why do I feel that the fire has died within me, yet so many claim they see the light of You, oh God, burning brightly? Why do I have to feel moments of doubt, distrust, disbelief, stages of anger, and states of loneliness when it comes to You, Father?

Why do I lose focus of You during praise and worship as well as prayer? Why can't I completely be consumed by You? Why can't I be used by You? Why do I feel self-righteous at times? Why do I feel afraid?

Her answer would come, after this sadly prophetic piece:

(A Few Days Before)

Im drowning
In my own lake of despair.
I'm choking
My hands wrapped around
my neck.
I'm dying Quickly my soul
leaves, slowly my body
It isn't suicide. I consider it
The world you have created
has lead to my death.
Note: Saige reminded me: " was Cassie Bernall that had been talked about as the martyr answering that question... I believe her parents wrote the book She Said Yes."
The boys asked more than one person in that library that or similar questions.

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