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i watched the sand crab roll with the wave onto the shore.
the water kept pulling it back into the depth.
couldn't tell if it was dead or alive, such a helpless little thing
i wanted to save it but i didn't want the sting
so i watched it being thrown onto the sand over and over again.
people are this way, and everyday is like a wave.
and it'll pitch you right onto the shore if it can.
but you go it alone
don't want anyone to bring you home
and when they do, you just bite their hand.

icy saltwater dragged under my toes
sat on my hands trying to behave
i had a vision of the beach covered in all the fucking crabs that nobody would save.
i was listening to another cat singing
i was remembering her under my skin
we keep clawing at each other, it feels natural to keep digging in...until the blood comes,
then we scream and lick ourselves off.
we never really make amends
we just mostly laugh it off.

take your razor reeds away and make me some tea.
i need some help with my disease.
i want to be clean, give me a pill to stop the shaking.
stop the thinking, it's making a wretched mess of me.
i jerk myself around until my hand is numb
i think myself to death until my mind is dumb
and i cry like a little baby every time you run
away from me.
i want to tangle you in the weeds so you'll never get free.
i'm building us a city under the sea,
why do you always feel the need to leave?

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