Radio Free Vestibule is a Canadian comedy troupe to which I was introduced in college. Their CDs might be hard to find in the US, but definitely worth picking up. Its the kind of comedy that you never get tired of listening to, especially when drunk or over-tired. Its silly stuff, mostly.

You may know them as "The Vestibules", which is their current name. You may have seen them on Comics! (this is their second appearance). You may have heard them on CBC radio. You may have purchased their CD, "Sketches, Songs, and Shoes." You may have seen their video for "The Grunge Song" on MuchMusic. You may have seen them on Comedy Central, A&E, or Romanian Public Television. You may have gone to see them perform in the U.K., L.A. or New York. You may have seen them in the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. You may have had lunch with them at the Burger King in Kingston, Ontario on July 3rd, 1993. But that's not very likely. Individually, they're Terence Bowman, Bernard Deniger, and Paul Pare. They're from Montreal, and they've been writing and performing fast-paced, original and hilarious sketch comedy for ten years.

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