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A. J. Raffles is a character created by E. W. Hornung who chronicled the adventures of Raffles and his sidekick Bunny.

The epitome of a british gentleman: daring, stylish and one of the greatest cricketers in England, Raffles is courted by the creme de la creme and invited to stay in the homes and mansions of the rich and wealthy. But he is also a master of disguise and a burglar of considerable skill, robbing the houses he visits, always somehow managing to avoid suspicion.

The character of Raffles could easiest be summed up as 'Sherlock Holmes on the wrong side of the law'. He is very resourceful, never panics and able to remain calm in the most troubled situations. He also has a great sense of style, some things are simply not done, 'not cricket'. Raffles steals not out of neccessity, for he could easily live a good life off his reputation, but because risk is an important spice to his life.

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