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Rail Arena for Quake II

Rail Arena is a Quake II deathmatch mod by SumFuka in which all the weapons are replaced with the famous railgun, and accuracy is at a premium.

Normally in Quake II, the railgun does 100 points of damage, enough to kill any player who has no armor and hasn't had his health pumped above 100. Rail Arena spices things up a bit, though, as its railgun does only 25 points of damage, but players score not just for fragging opponents, but for scoring hits with the railgun.

The real fun of Rail Arena comes when a player scores five hits in a row without a miss. This is a difficult task, but if a player achieves it, he is (usually) richly rewarded with one of the following powerups:

At the end of the level, the server will give out awards for the most points, the longest streak, and the most accurate player. It is left to players to decide which is the most important.

Rail Arena is a relatively simple but fun mod, as players don't need to download any additional files (the mod is server-side only) or develop any intricate strategies. Rail Arena simply asks players to put those little white crosshairs on opponents and pull the trigger.

Source: http://www.planetquake.com/rail/info.htm

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