Might a "raindance" be something other than an American Indian tribal ritual? One wonders.

One of the longest running and largest rave events in the UK, Raindance events are generally well organized and attract a devoted and energetic crowd. Unfortunately the Drome (at London Bridge) was closed in 2001-February by the Southwark Council, but reopened in 2001-May allowing Raindance to return from exile (Camden Palace). Some tragic events in 2001 compelled the closure of the Drome again (see tom_f's node), and it is not clear what the future will hold for Raindance and its organisers.

Raindance events are sanctioned and draw large crowds (Drome capacity is 4,500, though there is invariably more demand than space). The DJ's are generally excellent (and there are many of them-- spinning simultaneously in various rooms). Drink plenty of water, be mature with the MDMA, and enjoy the plur. Raindance is legendary.

Transforms from cassette to jet and back!


"Every picture tells a story."

The death-defying daredevil of the skies. Willing to take any risk to record the best picture. With partner Grand Slam, he's covered thousands of battles. Entertains everyone with stories about each one of them. Witty and well-liked. Can video-record up to 20 years of pictures. Carries two self-defense air-to-air proton missiles. Combines with Grand Slam to form robot Slamdance.

  • Strength: 4
  • Intelligence: 8
  • Speed: 6
  • Endurance: 5
  • Rank: 4
  • Courage: 9
  • Firepower: 5
  • Skill: 8
Transformers Tech Specs

Raindance and his partner Grand Slam are probably the only Transformers never to have any kind of a robot mode -- rather than transforming into a humanoid or some kind of animal, Raindance went from cassette mode to a jet. His robot mode was only achievable when he combined to form Slamdance. A novel idea, to be sure, but one that didn't ever get replicated.

The last raindance event (21st june) at the Drome (now known as the SE1) ended in tragedy when 2 ravers died. This resulted in a moral panic not seen since the death of Leah Betts. Initialy, the police theorised that the deaths were the result of contaminated pills, and all the newspapers snapped this up. However, everyone who was at the event, complained of the extreme heat (110 F) and lack of water, and pointed to this as the more likely cause of the deaths. They were right. The pills the unfortunate ravers had taken were pure MDMA, and the deaths were a resiult of heatstroke and dehydration. 4 different parties are being apportioned blame on the message boards assosciated with the UK rave scene;

The SE1 club for providing insufficent ventilation & water, and employing corrupt doormen who let people in through the fire exits, resulting in overcrowding

Raindance, the rave organisers, for not ensuring the saftey of the club, and for booking it to capacity when there had been previous problems with overcrowding

The ravers themselves for taking e at all when previous deaths had been caused by it

Southwark council for closing the fire exits, hence worsening ventilation, suposedly due to complaints from local residents

A brave man loves the feel of nature on his face. I was just out to get a bagel.

But nature, she was sweaty. Punch drunk and ready to come. All around me I felt the sweetness of the air. It was so thick I could taste it. The pressure was low, and the wind breathed electric. Try as she might, she couldn't hold back and the clouds suddenly were ripped apart at the seams. The sky exploded into a million tiny shards. Bubbles and ice picks fell and shattered on the pavement below.

And here I was walking. I had nothing but my coat, three dollars, the thunder, and the rain. Funny that thunder, a not-so-subtle clue telling us to run or risk being washed away. But, you know, rain is only a problem when you don't want to get wet, and god help me sometimes I'm in a dancing, puddle-stomping mood. And god help us all, we're a little too dry sometimes.

So this is my raindance. Laughing and smiling and yelling at the gods. Let 'em piss on us sinners. Let them flood the world and clear it all away, because I can take it. I can cut the water and breathe the dirt. I can blow a kneecap out from under the world, and I can fuck Mother Nature like a porn star.

Light a fire on your wicker boat. One way or the other, it's all going down, so it might as well be for you.

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