A racing game for Windows, released before Christmas 2001. Developed by Bugbear (Finland), distributed by JoWooD (Austria).

Rally Trophy is a particularly beautiful game with very, very good graphics. When I first raced through the Russia courses, I was completely blown away... so, if you want beautiful nature graphics for computer games, hire Finns. =)

Courses of the game are set in following countries:

RT is also mostly realistic and there's a good "feel" of driving. It sounds like speed, looks like speed and feels like speed. And cars eventually crush to cubes when they hit something hard enough.

Also, the cars are more interesting than usual. They're not modern cars; They're the classic cars of 1960s and early 1970s that, way back then, were seen darting through the European countryside - with feeling. (All cars are front- or rear-wheel driven, four-wheel driven cars would have been too much of a luxury back then...) Even though I don't particularly watch the modern races, this period seems like a strangely good period for racing.

List of cars in the game:

Sounds are pretty nice too, if somewhat boring - (sometimes painstakingly) sampled from the real cars.

"Sometimes (your co-driver) has a strange kind of humour and becomes cheeky..." indeed! Rauno Aaltonen, a Monte Carlo Rally veteran, is reading the partiture in the Finnish language mode - and gets somewhat amusing when you fly out of the road. "Next time, you'll push!" =)

All in all, the game is very amusing, interesting and challenging, but also at times frustratingly hard, especially for someone like me who has not played much of car games. Also, I've only been playing with a joystick, and everyone I've seen has said that this game can only really be played properly with a wheel controller.

Commendable game, if you're interested in racing like they did back then. Yep, Finns can make games. =)

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