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Never waste 10 years of writing nodes for E2.

Rancid_Pickle is Guy Anthony De Marco, except green and rancid-ier

facebook.com/GuyAnthonyDeMarco :: @GuyADeMarco :: www.GuyAnthonyDeMarco.com


Rancid_Pickle is an official ORICHALCUM NODER.

Rancid_Pickle changes into bear costume
<Jet-Poop> Eww, sounds so dirty

Rancid_Pickle will open the case of his cell phone and let the crows pick out the shiny bits until only the husk remains.
<Clockmaker> But in Glasgow, you communicate via semaphore by waving drunks in different-colored tracksuits?
<Evil Catullus> I think waving drunks in tracksuits would get me fired.
<Old_New> You're employed?
<Evil Catullus> Yes. I work with the surly, unfriendly youth
<Rancid_Pickle> Oh, I didn't know you were in politics, EC.

EDB wakes up long enough to sniff Rancid_Pickle.
Rancid_Pickle wonders why EDB has his snoot in the crotch of his tattered trousers...
<Rancid_Pickle> "Down, boy! You too, EDB!"
EDB has swallowed Rancid_Pickle. *B R A P *
<EDB> bleh, tastes like brined socks.
Rancid_Pickle wonders why he never noticed just how sexy EDB was...
Rancid_Pickle eggs avalyn!
Rancid_Pickle eggs bookreader!
Rancid_Pickle eggs edb!
EDB has swallowed egg. egg is good food!
<lizardinlaw> E2D2, is Rancid_Pickle a bot?
<E2D2> lizardinlaw: It could be. Ask in10se if it is.
<Rancid_Pickle> runs on electricity.
<lizardinlaw> giggle
<Rancid_Pickle> ...and lots of coffee.

/me misses dannye, demeter, stand/alone/bitch, ToasterLeavings, witchiepoo, sensei, wharfinger, gahachino, mitzi, wertperch & grundoon, radlab0, WonkoDSane, Lometa, Jinmyo,  ...





I am a member of the Horror Writers Association, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers, and the Science Fiction Poetry Association. Just to be complete, I'm also a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP)

Copyright Compliant Lyrics and Poems

Copyright Salvage Team






  • Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA)
  • Science Fiction Poetry Association (SFPA)
  • Internationl Association of Media Tie-in Writers (IAMTW)
  • Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers (RMFW)
  • Northern Colorado Writers (NCW)
  • Horror Writers Association (HWA)
  • American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP)



Guy Anthony De Marco is a nocturnal Bram Stoker Award® nominated author living in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. He writes across multiple genres and in multiple mediums. An award-winning author, he is a member of SFWA, IAMTW, HWA, ASCAP, the Science Fiction Poetry Association, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, and Northern Colorado Writers. Additional information can be found at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guy_Anthony_De_Marco and GuyAnthonyDeMarco.com, or participating on panels at numerous conventions throughout the year.



  • http://guyanthonydemarco.com/
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guy_Anthony_De_Marco
  • http://www.isfdb.org/cgi-bin/ea.cgi?136687



  • https://www.facebook.com/SpeculativeFictionAuthor
  • https://twitter.com/GuyADeMarco
  • http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5768074.Guy_Anthony_De_Marco



  • Villainous Press
  • Pine Bluffs Press
  • Yurei Press
  • Warped Mind Press
  • Stephen Wilson Press
  • Macabre Press
  • Airship Tales Press
  • Evil Brain Trust
  • LG Press
  • Angelic Knight Press


  • E2 Fin de Ciecle  First Place, Short Story – “Sands”
  • Horror Writers Association Silver Hammer Award, March 2012
  • (Finalist) HWA Bram Stoker Award® 2012 for Graphic Novel



  • Novels & Collections
    • Life & Everything Too (Warped Mind Press, 2012)
    • Ancient Terrors (Yurei Press, 2012)
    • Odd Places (Yurei Press, 2012, ISBN 9781622250040)
    • The Bride, (Macabre Press, 2013)
    • The Dynasty Sentinel (TPC, 2013)
    • Fury Within (Yurei Press, 2013)
    • Ultimate “Yo Mama” Joke Book (Villainous Press, 2013)
    • Ultimate “Blonde” Joke Book (Villainous Press, 2013)
  • Anthologies
    • Dead Meat (The Help Anthology, 2008)
    • Absolute Truths and Outright Lies (Warped Reality Press, 2008, ISBN 9781424339228) (Out of Print)
    • Steaks (Every Day Fiction Two, 2008, ISBN 9780981058429)
    • Steaks (Daily Bites of Flesh 2011, 2010, ISBN 9781617060182)
    • Monsters (Daily Bites of Flesh 2011, 2010, ISBN 9781617060182)
    • Absolute Truths and Outright Lies (Collection, 2011, Yurei Press, ASIN: B006NV4GEQ; ISBN 9781622250011)
    • The Prize (GalaxyFest Omnibus Limited 1st Edition, 2012, ISBN 9781470088958)
    • For Christmas, I Made My Mother Cry (Angels Cried, Charity Anthology for Sandy Hook, 2012)
    • Lyssa’s New Friend  (Angels Cried, Charity Anthology for Sandy Hook, 2012)
    • Letter from Melinda (Letters to Santa, May-December Publications, 2012)
    • A Gift of Ben-Wa Balls (Pill Hill Daily Flash 2013)
    • Annoying the Chief (Pill Hill Daily Flash 2013)
    • Stuff Migrates (Pill Hill Daily Flash 2013)
    • Rabbits (50 Shades of Decay, 2013)
    • Seeds (Dark Bits, Apokrupha, 2013)
    • Steaks (Barnyard Horror, 2013)
    • Member of the Herd (Barnyard Horror, 2013)
    • Lyssa’s New Friend (Twist of Fate, Navigator Books, 2013, ASIN B00DQ533QE)
  • Short Fiction
    • Vork (New New York Tales, 1979)
    • Sallie the Baker (Adirondack Stories, 1980)
    • Treasures (Regional Ghost Stories, 1991)
    • Sands (The Great E2 Fin de Siecle Challenge contest 1st place winner, 2001)
    • Streetwalker (Serpentarius Magazine, 2007)
    • Beat a Retreat (Tiny Lights, 2007)
    • The Mobius Stripper (6S, 2007)
    • Home (Necrotic Tissue Iss 1, 2008)
    • Troubles (Necrotic Tissue Iss 2, 2008)
    • Journey (Literary Fever, 2008)
    • Vultures (AlienSkin Magazine, 2008)
    • Angelic (Yellow Mama, 2008)
    • Steaks (Every Day Fiction, 2009)
    • Death Grip (Necrotic Tissue Iss 7, 2009, ISBN 9780982496909)
    • Member of the Herd (Every Day Fiction, 2010)
    • Vultures (MicroHorror, 2012)
    • Jack and Jill (FairyPunk Stories, 2012)
    • A Case of Curiosities (Daily Science Fiction, 2012)
    • Seeds (TTA Press Advent Calendar, 2012)
    • La Stretta della Morte (Villainous Press, 2013, ASIN B00CAX4CF4)
  • Non-Fiction
    • Books
      • Cisco UCS Deployment Guide, (Pine Bluffs Press, 2012)
      • QR Codes for Authors (Pine Bluffs Press, 2012, ASIN B009BD6MQI)
    • Collections
      • Tales from the Fleet (Villainous Press, 2013, ASIN B00DY5YTUK)
    • Short Articles
      • (2000) Newbie Unix PW-LS, Attrition.org
      • (2002) IP Addressing Primer, F. R. Press
      • (2007) My Muse is Dead, OG’s Speculative Fiction
      • (2008) Understanding Accents, Visions Mag Iss 43
      • (2008) Sonor2: Tracking Those Subs, Visions Mag Iss 44
      • (2010) Using Google Alerts, HWA Newsletter
      • (2010) Hiding Description, Writers’ Journal, May/June Issue
      • (2012) Sailing on Digital Seas: Rescuing Pirated Stories, HWA Newsletter
      • (2012) Rescuing Pirated Stories, Dark Whispers Blog
      • (2012) Convention Panels for Newbies, HWA Newsletter
      • (2012) Understanding Accents, Dark Edifice Magazine
      • (2012) Hiding Description, Dark Edifice Magazine
      • (2012) Convention Panels for Newbies, Dark Edifice Magazine
      • (2012) Sailing on Digital Seas: Hunting for Pirates, HWA Newsletter
      • (2012) Sailing on Digital Seas: Advanced Google-fu, HWA Newsletter
      • (2012) Sailing on Digital Seas: Researching Publishers, HWA Newsletter
      • (2012) Sailing on Digital Seas: Facebook for Authors, HWA Newsletter
      • (2012) Sailing on Digital Seas: Amazon Likes, Tags, and Categories, HWA Newsletter
      • (2013) Sailing on Digital Seas: Computer Pre-Spring Cleaning, HWA Newsletter
  • Comics & Graphic Novels
    • Behind These Eyes (Villainous Press, ISBN 9781622254507, 2012)
  • Scripts
    • Dracula Is So Old (One-Act Play)
  • Poems & Poetry Chapbooks
    • Exploring (Finalist, SFPA’s Dwarf-form Poetry Contest 2012)
    • Essential Oils (Mystic Nebula, TBP, 2013)
  • Software
    • Catchbox, Pentagraphics, TRS-80
    • RacerMax, Pentagraphics, TRS-80
    • Kindergarten Fun, Pentagraphics, TRS-80
    • Return to Horror House, Pentagraphics, TRS-80
    • A-Mazed, Pentagraphics, TRS-80
    • Magni Modis, Pentagraphics, PC and Amiga, Interactive animated story
    • Marooned on Mars, Pentagraphics, PC, Choose Your Path story
    • Hell’s Casino, Pentagraphics, Legend of the Red DragonBBS Module
    • Cyprian, Pentagraphics, PC, MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries multiplayer mission
    • ZZX, Pentagraphics, PC, MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries multiplayer mission
  • Music
    • (1983) The Dead Rose, co-written with R. Backus, J. Decker, C. Ferriss, K. Denton, R. Jensen (ASCAP)
    • (1983) Nuke the Whales, co-written with R. Backus, J. Decker, C. Ferriss, K. Denton, R. Jensen (ASCAP)
    • (1984) In Concert Special, co-written with R. Backus, J. Decker, C. Ferriss, K. Denton, R. Jensen (ASCAP)
    • (1984) Lucky, co-written with R. Backus, J. Decker, C. Ferriss, K. Denton, R. Jensen (ASCAP)
    • (1984) Thunder Thighs, co-written with R. Backus, J. Decker, C. Ferriss, K. Denton, R. Jensen (ASCAP)
    • (1984) The Thorn, co-written with R. Backus, J. Decker, C. Ferriss, K. Denton, R. Jensen (ASCAP)
    • (1984) Lucky Jam Like We Drunk, co-written with R. Backus, J. Decker, C. Ferriss, K. Denton, R. Jensen (ASCAP)
    • (1991) GAMMA ADJUST (ASCAP)
    • (1991) BETA BALLAD (ASCAP)
  • Interviews
    • Every Day Fiction (2009)
    • Choate Road WITI (2010)
    • Rebecca Brown (Oct 2012)
    • The Funky Werepig Radio Hour (2012)

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