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Having been pecked awake by a duck I realize I should probably be working on the book I've got in the dusty drawer that's been ignored for far too long (book and drawer). I know, that old story.

I'll still be in and out, but more out than in now, that's all. Cycles of online communities, writers and their inevitable egos, editors with limited skill sets etc. Perhaps that particular duck did me a favor, we'll see, but it's no big whoop or drama, just battle fatigue. For the record, I'd always hoped that the 'new e2' idea of more one-on-one editing would come to fruition. Perhaps it still will one day.

Be good.


PS and like you asked (someone did :), the dusty book in question is actually something incredibly mundane, largely if not entirely factual, and purely a commercial venture with no run-on sentences whatsoever, nor allusions to illusions harbored or lost, poetry, food or fancy. I know, hard to fathom.

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