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A form of music characterized by rapped/aggressive vocals, hard crunchy guitars usually distortion-based, and other hip-hop elements ranging from turntables right down to catchy drum beats. Rapcore is also commonly referred to by some as Rap Metal eventhough bands that represent this type of music does not play metal music at all, nor have elements that makes them metal.

The style was introduced by Faith No More in 1986 and explored the sound furthermore in their 1989 album The Real Thing with their hit single Epic. The band however, refuses to be linked as the forefathers of this sound or even mallcore for that matter.

Other bands that experimented with the sound were Aerosmith and Public Enemy with their song Walk This Way, then Rage Against The Machine and Biohazard in 1990.

The arrival of Limp Bizkit in 1997 propelled the sound to new heights incorporating the use of screaming vocals with hip-hop beats. Unfortunately, their popularity attracted the attention of record execs that have nothing more in mind but pulling a fast buck, by signing ironic clones of the band with only the band name and approach in music, setting the two apart.

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