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Raymond Kertezc is, or at least, was, a fake poet, used in the Personality Assessment Inventory and some related assessments to screen out inattentive or dishonest responders. The assessment contains a question asking for a yes/no response to "My favorite poet is Raymond Kertezc". If they answer yes, something's off, and the validity of the results are questionable, at best.

However, there is now a poet claiming to be Raymond Kertezc, with poems posted Wordpress. They are not perhaps likely to be your favorite poems, but an imaginary poet appearing on the internet just to spite psychologists has a good shot at being my favorite poet.

The Crow Sings (But Not For Long)
The Crow Sings
“Ka-Kaw! Ka-Kaw”!
That Crow is the blackest thing
That I ever did saw.
Up in the tree
“Ka-Kee! Ka-Kee!”
I point my rifle skyward
And set the crow’s soul free.

Raymond Kertezc, 2010

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