The angel charged with guarding the secrets of the universe. The name Raziel means "secret of God" or "angel of mysteries." Variations of the name are Saraquel, Ratziel, Akrasiel and Gallizur. Raziel figures prominently in kabbalistic and rabbinic lore, and in the writings of ENOCH.

In the Kabbalah, Raziel is the archangel assigned to guard the second sephiroth, Cochma, on the Tree of Life. He also is the chief of the THRONES. He is credited with being the author of The Book of the Angel Raziel, a medieval text that may actually have been written by Eleazar of Worms or Isaac the Blind.

According to the legend, Raziel was orded by God to give the book to Adam. God, taking pity on Adam, wanted to give him the book so that he could gaze into the mirror of all existence and see the face of God, and himself as an image of God. the book contained all celestial and earthly knowledge, as well as the secret to decoding 1,500 keys to the mystery of the world, keys which were not even explained to the other angels. Jealous at being left out of the cosmic secrets, other angels stole the book from Adam and threw it into the sea. God ordered RAHAB, the Angel of the Sea, to retrieve it and return it to Adam. It later was passed to the prophet ENOCH, where much of it was incorporated into the Book of Enoch. Reportedly, an oral version of The Book of the Angel Raziel exists in kabbalistic tradition.

Although the keys in the book are not understood by any other angel, Raziel nonetheless is said to stand on the peak of Mount Horeb every day and proclaim the secrets to humankind.

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