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BrevityQuest11 315

  • Sexy Comix do not harm or exploit real girls (or boys) who may be forced or otherwise coerced to be filmed or photographed performing sexual acts or commit these acts to support a drug addiction. The majority of victims of human trafficking are sex slaves. Cartoons cannot be enslaved, or subjected to violence or addicted to drugs because they are just ink and paper.
  • Disturbed by what your young ‘uns can find today on the internet? Sexy Comix are creations of fantasy, no matter how realistically they are drawn. The rampant proliferation of free, exploitive, barely-18, motel room, internet pornography can lead to young boys and girls developing a model of sexual objectification in themselves or in the opposite sex. Who wants their daughters to come of age thinking that they are a piece of meat or their sons viewing the girl next door as just a piece of meat. To a teenager, Sexy Comix are erotic, true, but are only cartoons. Who can objectify a cartoon with any seriousness?
  • Speaking of fantasy, the characters in Sexy Comix can exhibit nearly unlimited variety and extremes of eroticism, bounded only by the imaginations of the artists that draw them. Sexy Comix characters can be as busty or as skinny or as uninhibited as you desire them to be. Maybe you like Hentai girls in short sailor skirts with huge twinkling saucer eyes? Maybe you like hunky muscle-bound blonde He-men getting down with busty black scaled demonesses? Maybe you like sexy alien cat-women enraptured in orgiastic frenzy with cybernetic kung-fu space ninjas? Just search the internet! You'll find it!
  • Finally, to patronize Sexy Comix is to patronize, support and encourage the artistic ability of creative people, maybe your nephew, niece or cousin! Won’t you support the budding skills of young artists rather than encouraging teenage exploitation?

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