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Real Change is an evil thing, maybe not objectively, but at least within this technicolor Stim-lab that Western culture has become.

This is because change "for the better" almost always encompasses self-sacrifice, something almost NOBODY is into anymore. Check out the stats that would normally, if we were inclined, point the Western Typical Guy in the direction of Real Change:

1. We all know that most TV is bad for you. It reduces your brain activity to that of a sleeping person, and desensitizes you to all sorts of horror. We all know this, and we all know it's bad for kids. How many 21st-Century digital parents are going to smash their TV and watch those kids themselves? Yeah, I think you know.

2. We all also know damn well that fast food is a good way to look like shit and die young. See any large-scale boycotts of Burger King in the near future? How about people refusing to take kids to a restaurant that doesn't serve healthy food, like a friggin' apple? Yeah, I don't think so either.

3. Forty hours a week sitting on your ass in an office will make you miserable and kill you quickly. I know; I do it too. And even though its not really "our fault" that we have to sit in that damn office or starve to death; still, how many of us make up for it by working out--or, rather, how many of us go home and watch TV?

4. We've known about the Ozone layer and air pollution for more than a decade. And the Big Three are still making gasoline cars--and, even more idiotic, We're still buying them.

Just a few examples of how Nothing Changes when Nothing Stays The Same.

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