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A Californian cable sex documentary show. Close to the weirdest show I have ever seen. Leave it to the Californians to come up with something like this. It's as graphic as your average porno, but it's done like a public television documentary hence the weirdness. We happened to be staying in Berkeley, California for a speech tournament when we were flipping through the channels and stumbled upon it. It was so weird we couldn't take our eyes from the screen.

The channel changed and it flipped onto a a woman completely naked from the lower half down with a dildo/ vibrator attached to a machine in her vagina. It was called the orgasmotron (i'm absolutely serious). The woman seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the experience. The narrator was talking about all the technical mumbo-jumbo and how it hit the right areas, etc. Thus the first segment we mananaged to see of the show.

The next was a group-sex therapy session. It was like a psychiatric session, only with a group of people who actually had sex in front of everyone else. It was like a nudist therapy session, of sorts, only these people weren't nudists (well, at least I don't think so). I think they reminded me of nudists because they were all outdoors. The instructor taught really strange feng-shui type techniques in order to increase sexual pleasure. Then the couples actually did it on blankets in the wooded area while the instructor coached them. That was pretty much the gist of the second segment.

The third part of the show was by far the strangest. It was about a scientist who used incredibly weird techniques to give women orgasms from nothing. Supposedly it worked through some kind of telepathy and the women would experience what other women felt while having intercourse. All I know is that is was extremely strange to watch women writhing in ecstacy from absolutely nothing. After this segment we were absolutely fascinated with the show.

The fourth and final segment was about a woman who taught new techniques to other women. She kept a bunch of dildos in her dishwasher (of all places!) and when her students came she gave them each a dildo based on waht size they wanted, thickness, etc. Then they practiced their techniques. By far the most disturbing thing about this segment was the fact that they all sat around a table and practiced with these dildoes on plates. I got this vague sensation that they were just going to pick up the dildoes and bite them, which made me feel very uncomfortable. I don't like the thougt of being dismembered in a place that is only meant for very good things.

After a quick summation, that pretty much ended the show and we never saw it again. By far the weirdest thing on TV I have ever seen with the exception of maybe a show about naked smurfs who tried to kill each other on the run from cylindrical aliens that shot pink rays that made them disappear, it must have been British.. It certainly was one of the many interesting things that happened on a very peculiar speech trip.

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