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Reality Hackers was a magazine financed by Queen Mu and published in the San Francisco area by R.U. Sirius and others in 1988. It was actually the red-headed bastard step child of a similar magazine called High Frontiers. It consisted of articles on exploring the sensorium, reprogramming human consciousness and early examples of cyberculture and transhumanism. And drugs. Lots of drugs. Especially those that caused altered states of consciousness. It evolved into Mondo2000, which mixed in the previously mentioned content with future-oriented fashion pieces, which is obviously an example of mutate degeneration.

The combination of the two is thought (by me, at least) to have influenced the creation of Wired magazine, now an insipid ad medium of Conde Nast publications. High Frontiers, Reality Hackers, and Mondo2000 did influence early burgeoning cyberculture, such as popularizing the term cyberpunk and influencing geeks to change their hairstyles from close-shaven white-walls to long, greasy and unkempt and now buzz-cut, and their clothing from pressed oxfords to technically sloganed t-shirts which at least had the effect of increasing the statistical likelihood that said geeks would pass on their genetic material to offspring.

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