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A very small piton for use in small or marginal cracks. Called a reality piton because if you are using one you had better look at reality very hard.

I have read this and realise that unless you already know what a reality piton is then you will not understand this wu. A reality piton, also called an rp is a very small piece of climbing equipment. On many climbs the rock is broken by a crack. Ideally one might wish to climb the crack free, without pulling on equipment placed in the crack. If the rock is sufficently steep or overhanging, or is the crack is too thin to gain purchace from with one's fingers, then one must aid climb the crack. Pitons and blades of metal are hammered into the crack. The back of these pieces have holes through which carabiners can be clipped and pulled on. If the crack allows a piton to be hammered in deeply then you can even sleep whilst attached to hte piton. Thinner and shallower cracks require small pitons, the rp is one of the smallest pitons used. Often a single placement will not even hold body weight and an array of pieces must be placed to distribute the load across the crack. This is sick hard aid climbing and something I have yet to expierence.

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