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The superhero on Rocko's Modern Life on Nickelodeon. He's...well, really, really big, and talks in a Captain Steroid voice.

He's just a regular background person, with a big red costume and mask. See him often in crowds, on the phone, etc. Filbert and Rocko read the comics of him, and sometimes he shows up when they need him.

He's more funny than heroic, he smashes through buildings and accidentally rips people's arms off when shaking hands, although he did stop a busload of orphans from going off a cliff in the mountains.

He had an alter-ego of a masculine female secretary, although he was way too strong and would fall through the floor.

One time, he used his magic chest hairs to make Rocko see the past, and his magic nipples to show Rocko the future. (No, I didn't make it up)

He was a constant background character on the show, and mentioned all the time.
On a gameshow "How big is Really Really Big Man's kitchen?"
Nutsy McNutso: "Not at all big?"
Rocko: "Really, really big?"

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