The Recruit Training Command (RTC) is where recruits in the navy go first. The RTC helps recruits make the transition from civilian to military life with a busy schedule of lectures and drills on naval history, traditions, customs, and regulations. It also gives recruits instruction in basic military subjects.

At RTC new recruits meet, for many, their first military experiences. Though once a hard place to make it through, or so rumor has it, it is now only a minor inconvience in the lives of new sailors.

In 2001 recruits were only given 6 hours of sleep (22 00 - 04 00) a night, if they were lucky. In 2002 this was increased to 8 hours. In 2001 recruits marched to and from any activity that they did. 2002 marching is reserved for the drill halls and grinders in practice for Pass-in-Review. Even the boots have changed from rock solid Drill Boots to plush-lined comfort Boots.

The people in charge of recruit divisions have also changed names from Company Commanders to Recruit Division Commanders (RDC), since groups of recruits changed from being called Companies to being called Divisions. Each division is assigned to 3 RDC's when they are formed. These RDCs can be of any petty officer rank, but are usually First Class' (E-6) and Chiefs (E-7)

Divisions are given a 3 number designation when created to foster a type of group identity and pride. Divisions with a 9 as their numbers' MSD (called 900 Divisions) are special drill divisions that practice at rifle drill, singing, and color guard for Pass-in-Review. There are also 'integrated divisions' which have no special numbering designation, but are easily identifiable by having recruits with long hair (girls). All 900 Divisions are integrated.

Recruits advance through a series of stages, starting with P-Days and ending with Battle Stations and graduation

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