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The jazz music begins.

You sit back enjoying the easy-going drum beat with your drink in hand. As you get into a comfortable position the ice clatters in your glass, you take a sip. The piano begins, adding to the relaxed atmosphere.

Soon the sax starts up. It's melodic voice resonates with you somehow. Then you notice something strange about it; it's rather angry. You think this odd.

As you listen more closely, you become enthraled. The music becomes louder and more full. The sax begins to jump about, it seems to be changing it's direction constantly.. it's eerie.

Soon all you can hear is that sax as it sings to you in it's harsh tone. It whispers to you, then yells. At that point you realize that all the other instruments have gone. The sax is alone, hitting you with a barrage of alien notes.

And as soon as it began, the song ends. The last note is impossibly long and it strains to be released.

You realize that the music has ended.

What an amazing song.

My study of the song "Red Bats With Teeth" by Angelo Badalamenti from the Lost Highway Soundtrack.

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