Highlights of the album include a surreal performance of Well Did You Evah? by Iggy Pop and Debbie Harry and a wonderfully manic version of Just one of those things, by the Pogues and Kirsty MacColl -- hearing the rough and ready tones of Shane McGowan belting out the incredibly sophisticated lyrics is oddly life-affirming.

Highly recommended.

Video revue of Cole Porter tunes by Red Hot, aired on December 1, 1990. Noted as one of the most successful AIDS/HIV benefits ever, it featured the talents of many "downtown" artists, including Ann Lennox, Nineh Cherry, Iggy Pop (who REALLY ought to know about the needle-not-sharing thing), Richard Gere, and others.

Of incredible historical interest, though of uneven quality: the much anticipated Pop/Deborah Harry segment "Did You Evah" disappoints through a badly-concieved update of the lyrics and truly wretched costuming, Cherry's piece on IV drugs is a low point, You Do Something to Me by Sinead O'Connor is downright campy, with a hilarious (intentional?) wig malfunction providing some humor, while Lennox's intensely felt Everytime We Say Goodbye a classic. The most powerful piece, a dramatic segment done to So in Love, by k.d. lang, and filmed by Wim Wenders, actually did the HIV+ community a disservice by making the virus look a lot more communicable than it was -- Ms. Lang looks like she's boiling everything her patient? domestic partner? has touched in the past 24 hours. (On the other hand, your heart goes out to her -- she looks so angelic, though somewhat ambiguously sexed...)

It certainly made an impression on me: my partner and I absolutely adored it, even without the great dinner I cooked. Check it out on tape.

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