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Fugazi's "difficult album," it was released on Dischord Records in 1995. It reenforced my belief that Fugazi are simultaneously the best and worst band in the universe.

It has the same lineup as every other Fugazi album. Ian MacKaye and Guy Piccioto play guitars and sing, scream, howl, talk, whisper and other fun vocals. Brendan Canty plays drums and Joe Lally plays bass. There's a rumor that Joe Lally also sings the track called By You, but I'm honestly not sure because I haven't seen it performed live (This rumor was confirmed by Mat Catastrophe who saw Fugazi play it live!) I do know, however, that it is definitely not Ian or Guy, as there's a shot of them in the studio recording it on their documentary film Instrument.

Anyway. This is a very, very abrasive album. There is a lot of noise. And intriguingly, they try a song without guitars, the instrumental Version. Very amusing.

Track List:

  1. Do You Like Me?
  2. Bed For The Scraping
  3. Latest Disgrace
  4. Birthday Pony
  5. Forensic Scene
  6. Combination Lock (instrumental)
  7. Fell, Destroyed
  8. By You
  9. Version (instrumental)
  10. Target
  11. Back To Base
  12. Downed City
  13. Long Distance Runner

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