A Red Team drumline aspires to match the best in old school DCI lines from 1976 to around 1986 when Suncoast Sound had the last decent Red Team line. Red Team is a philosophy about drum techniques which opposes Blue Team.

Red Team drumlines are generally from the East Coast although a notable exception would be the Santa Clara Vanguard, where Red Team playing originated.

Red Team drummers do not play through the drum, they play on top of the head, relying mostly on hand motion and not rebound to do the lion's share of the work for them. The hand and finger position is very tight and heavily emphasizes control. As thus, the quality of sound suffers, but because there is less motion there is less margin for error: hence, Red Team drumlines are often cleaner than Blue Team lines.

Examples of Red Team drumlines are:

Red Team was pioneered by instructors like Robert Lee Lazenberry, Jeff Prosperie, and Jeff Moore

See also: Blue Team

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