Two groups of Russian super-speedsters, in the DC Universe. Red Trinity first appeared in Flash (Vol 2) #6, and Blue Trinity in Flash (Vol 2) #7.

I am Boleslaw Uminski –
I am first. I can
run nearly 700 mph.

Gregor Gregorovich. I was second. I am the first human specifically
designed to live comfortably at 700 mph.

Christina. I am third.
I am the sum of all
that has gone before.

Inspired by the speeding prowess of the Flash, Russian scientists Orloff and Krulik began research to replicate this speed in ordinary humans. Krulik thought he had made a breakthrough, and used the untested serum on himself, and then on three children (Boleslaw, Gregor and Christina). Unfortunately, the serum had dangerous side effects. Krulik's accelerated metabolism killed him, and the three children, while gaining speed and a degree of strength, were emotionally unstable (although, if you ask me, being experimented on by some mad scientist would tend to make you emotionally unstable, regardless of the effects of the drugs).

Dr Orloff took over the care of the first three subjects, although they were eventually given over to become agents of the Soviet military as Blue Trinity. Orloff continued Krulik's work, and was eventually able to invest three more subjects with super speed, but without the side effects. These three were Anatole, Bebek and Cassiopeia, and became Red Trinity.

When the Flash came to the Siberian research institute to enlist Dr Orloff's expertise to save the life of Jerry McGee, Orloff and Red Trinity chose to defect to America. Red Trinity adapted well to the American way of life, and founded a courier company (Kapitalist Kouriers – perhaps the drugs that gave them their speed somehow impaired their ability to spell). Cassiopeia recently died when his connection to the speed force was cut while he was running up the side of a building.

Blue Trinity also ended up coming to America. They were bought from the Soviet military by the Manhunters, to assist Manhunter agent Rudolph West capture his son, the Flash, during the Millennium crisis. After that they were sold on to Vandal Savage, who used them to develop his speed drug Velocity 9. Boleslaw and Gregor were released or escaped, but Christina was kept by Savage as a slave.

Following Savage's later defeat by the Flash, Christina became Lady Flash for a while, wearing a costume stolen from Wally West, but later fell back into villainy, aiding Savitar and (briefly) Kobra.

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