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She looked bright; her aura sunk into the environment. Her dress shone with a luminous red glow, Willow Wisp darted across the room sidestepping stools and other obstinate obstacles. At first, he looked at her partly mesmerised, partly shocked. That red dress touched deep inside him; it unlocked inexplicable truths with its magical guise. Aware of the watchful eye of the housekeeper, he composed a shrewd plan.

The vagabonds, merchants, and other roamers in the inn new nothing of the red dress and its undertones for they were either in deep conversation or slid around the room like blood pulsing through veins and arteries.

Ignoring their bemusement, Willow Wisp uttered a small note (in E-Minor) choosing neither to be verbose nor over-eager. She seemed to hesitate at the velitation, nevertheless she listened with her ears pricked to his musical whims. The musical drought which she had previously been experiencing subsided, and her optimism proceeded her. Willow Wisp smiled, relieved that she hadn't merely walked off into the dusk. They spoke for a few seconds, exchanging pleasantries, until the moment came when he looked deep into her red dress. Her face turned red, just like that of the dress. Willow Wisp told her to relax; it's going to be alright.

As the seconds passed, and the minutes grew - the red emanation parted company with Willow Wisp's female companion, the dress began to lose its brilliance - like paint diluting with water. Looking down at himself, his old black shirt tucked into his beige trousers wriggled, vibrated with iridescence.

The housekeeper of the inn up-till-now, had been unaware of any insidious goings on. From high up on the stands, he noticed a young gentleman of portly stature glow a magnificent colour. Red immmersed the inn until the vagabonds crept out whilst they still had a chance. The housekeeper uttered a small cry as he watched a young achromatic woman undress, and crawl into a haze of red aura.

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