A British Act of Parliament that created a system for the voluntary registration of political parties.

A party registers by sending the appropriate form to the Register of Political Parties based in Cardiff with details of its proposed name, up to three party emblems together with contact details for the party. The only real requirement is the intention to put forward a candidate in any "relevant election". (Which to all practical intents and purposes means any election whatsoever.)

The registrar can reject an application if, inter alia the name

  • would be likely to be confused with a party which is already registered
  • comprises more than six words
  • is obscene or offensive
  • includes words the publication of which would be likely to amount to the commission of an offence
  • Registration does however confer certain advantages to a political party. Specifically:-

    The full text of the act is available at http://www.hmso.gov.uk/acts/acts1998/19980048.htm

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