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"Regular Show" is a animated program that aired on The Cartoon Network between 2010 and 2017. Created by J.G. Quintel, originating from a student project at the California Institute of the Arts. Each episode was only 10 minutes long, in the same compressed format of such shows as Adventure Time and Stephen Universe.

"Regular Show" is a slice-of-life comedy about young people in their early 20s. The show focuses around Mordecai and Rigby, two early-20s slackers who work menial jobs as custodial workers in a small private park, where they also live. Mordecai is the slightly smarter and more mature of the two, and is an art school dropout, while Rigby didn't even manage to finish high school. The two chronically underperform and screw up their work, causing clashes with their irritable boss, Benson, who is always on the verge of firing the two. They also have a mentor of sorts in Skips, an older co-worker who lives in a trailer and practices various forms of shamanism (and who is voiced by Mark Hamill). The two have awkward romantic relationships, Mordecai with Margaret, and Rigby with Eileen, with Margaret and Eileen both being co-workers as barristas at the local coffee shop. A typical episode features Mordecai and Rigby messing up a task through laziness or impulsiveness, and then spending the rest of the episode trying to fix it before their boss Benson discovers them and fires them. Although the episodes are short and comedic, over the course of the series, they do manage to mature somewhat. The show is a perfect portrayal of millenial life, with the trials and tribulations of dead-end service jobs, fear of commitment, and a diet of fast food and cheesy entertainment.

"Regular Show" is a surreal comedy, featuring the adventures of an anthropomorphic blue jay, Mordecai, and his buddy, an anthropomorphic raccoon, supervised by a talking gumball machine, Benson. Every ten minute episode of The Regular Show shows the duo somehow managing to get involved with menaces that threaten their lives, if not the whole of existence itself. They regularly travel into the past, or other dimensions, trying to find an answer to problems they create. A group of malicious geese, a herd of hard-partying unicorns, the anthropomorphic personification of an overly catch song, Father Time, Death himself, all are entities that are unleashed when the two's pranks get out of hand. The show is a psychedelic journey through whatever idea, however weird, the creators want to take. As the show progresses, an entire universe of odd dimensions and concepts is presented: a planet where everyone is a horse who likes to party, a city filled with synthesizer playing entities, until finally the series ends with a season spent on a space station, unravelling a cosmic mystery.

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