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Ah, to be alive in the Golden Age of human history. When all you had to do to insure your place in the memory of ages to come, was to have a name that sounded like some sort of foot fungus. Here are some guys who, despite their charming foot-fungus names, managed to escape the attention of scholars worldwide-- until now.

Hypocrates was the mentor of the well-known Hippocrates, and according to Claudius Origamus' Luburor Liber is actually the true author of the famous Hippocratic Oath, which to this day all medical doctors swear by. Hypocrates is also known as the father of the assisted suicide.

Some other Greek-- famous for something, probably.

Denny the Greek
Contemporary of Plato. He argued that rather than the Platonic archetypal elements of fire, water, earth, and air, the world was actually made of of coffee, toast, and cigarette smoke-- all of which contained the essence of the Divine.

Inventor of the palindrome and of the pun. Thankfully, his students stoned him to death when they realized just what they were dealing with.

Not to be confused with Plato, of course. Play-Doh theorized extensively about the malleable, almost plastic, nature of reality. He died tragically, eaten alive by a gaggle of pre-schoolers.

Kristo was a brilliant military strategist. He is remembered for his discovery that bad public art can be an effective weapon against an enemy's morale.

An early Greek astronomer who theorized that the sun, moon, and planets all revolved around him.

Note: this was rescued from an archive of my ancient (1994ish), now long gone web site, Paradise Lost.

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