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Renee was a princess, I thought I might know what she lacked,
Her smile was the sun and her laughter was never an act.
She took my hand and we kissed while we rode on the train,
Dodged into a café and drank to escape from the rain.

I took her to my place, we touched while we talked about plays,
My hands on her back, she held me in beautiful ways.
The morning's sun peeked through the blinds—turned her hair to a flame,
She almost looked like she would laugh with delight when she came.

A man from afar took her heart from me once it had healed,
She never did tell him the secrets our bodies revealed
And I could not be sad about it—it's not how it seems...
My princess and I will be loving again in my dreams.

Renee came back home when her dreams far away fell apart,
She took my hand and she asked me if we could re-start.
The place where our road leads I don’t think we ever can know.
Renee is a princess. I don’t think I could have said “no.”

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