Requiem et Réminiscence 〜終焉と静寂〜 was Gackt's second national tour, which took place in 2001. He's on a much bigger budget this time than on his previous tour and it shows, with lots of costume changes, flashy stage effects, and an elaborate video that opens the show. All of this just encourages Gackt's tendency towards dramatic rock opera. Much in the same vein as La réminiscence, the concert has a serious first half and a lighthearted second half.

The show opens with a video. We see a man thrash and die on an operating table in a very dark, mad scientist style operating room. Then, between flashes of a graveyard on a rainy night and robotic parts, we see the creation of a Gackt andriod, while men in psudo-Nazi uniforms look on. Even though the video is deadly serious, the strange English and the total inexplicability of it all make it difficult to take seriously. However, it does set the stage for the rest of the concert as the Gackt android is strapped into an electric chair and electrocuted and then the concert explodes from the sound of his screaming.

The first half of the show is intense, serious, and very dark. Gackt is dressed in a Nazi-style military uniform with a floor length cape (and nearly seven-inch healed boots), as is the rest of his band, although it has his tour logo on it instead of swastikas. The costumes for the tour were actually so successful that shop in Osaka that designed them sold out of replicas, selling them to enthusiastic fans. The show is actually split into four sections, called "missions." Each mission has a costume and set change, the Nazi look is simply for the first mission. The third mission gets shockingly cheerful with Gackt sporting vivid orange pants and silver lamé.

The most interesting song of the darker first half of the show is the first one, "NINE SPIRAL." The song has never been on an album or single, so it's a great chance to actually get to hear it. The huge plumes of steam and the blood red lighting help make it an excellent opener for the show. Another hard to find song is performed during the show, "Cube," which can only be found as the b-side to the Kimi no tame ni dekiru koto single. It's one of his best songs, yet hard to find a copy of so seeing it live is quiet exciting.

The first half of the concert unfortunately suffers a bit from the same dancing problems that his previous tour did, but it's happy rectified in the more upbeat second half with some very impressive dancing on Gackt's part during the song "Papa lopped a pap lopped." Overall, it raised the bar from what he did on the MARS tour, but would only be eclipsed by his future two tours for the MOON album.

The DVD release of the tour was filmed during the final concert at Yokohama Arena. The concert is split between two discs and is region free, so it can be watched without having to resort to region-changing trickery. There is also a mini-documentary about the making of the android videos shown during the concert.

The set list is as follows:

Secret Garden
Seki rei ~seki-ray~
Papa lapped a pap lopped
Kimi no tame ni dekiru koto
Saikai ~story~

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