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The part of college libraries where professors can have books put on reserve. This means that these books, which are critical to whatever class the professor is teaching and need to be accessible to all the students. In order to facilitate this, the Oberlin College reserve room only lets out books that are on reserve for 3 hours, and charges $1.50 an hour for every hour the books are overdue. In theory this makes it possible for the professors to make books that are out of print or otherwise inaccessible to the students accessible, thereby improving the quality of the course for everyone.

In practice this means that the people who are too cheap to buy books that are required for the class(ie me) will end up paying the cost of the books in overdue fines to the library. Goddamnit. I now owe the library $42.00 in overdue fines, which isn't a lot of money, but I'd just as soon not give it to the library. I would just blow the fines off, but I just got an email informing that I had better pay those fines PDQ or I won't be enrolling next year over some stupid late fees.


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