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Resident Evil 1.5 (or Biohazard/Resident Evil Zero, until the actual game with the same name came out)is the name dubbed by many fans to the original version of Resident Evil 2 that never made past 80-90% completion. Capcom decided that it was too much like the original, so scrapped it and started anew. Dissapointing Really.

It actually looked kinda cool. The plot was apparently the same, but some different characters were in it, making it that bit more complicated. Instead of Claire Redfield, a woman called Elza Walker was to be the heroine. Chief Brian Irons was to be a good guy, and be a wounded cop (I'm not sure if he was meant to be THE wounded cop though). DJ was another cop. Marvin Branagh was meant to be the playable character in Leon's scenario, replaced by Ada Wong. Ben wasn't in the game.

Monsters were different from the final product also. The zombies were going to be more diverse in terms of build and sex, which was introduced in Resident Evil 3. There were to be smaller versions of the infamous Crocodile from the final product, as well as a sort of Gorilla-looking monster. Zombies could apparently rip your clothes off as well (no giggling), and the gore count was a hell of a lot bigger.

Weapons such as the hand grenade and various automatic guns were scrapped, as was a protective vest to stop you from getting hurt as much.

Locations were a lot different. The RPD looked less like a mansion and more like a police station, as did the jail. You could also go outdoors more, like RE3.

There are pictures and movies littered all over the web with shots of RE1.5 in action, and I suggest you dig them up. Though it is higly likely that this game will never see the light of day (or so I've heard..), I really hope they re-release this.

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