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The excellent 2001 album by the pop group bis, a trio of Glaswegian kids currently ranging from ages 22-25. The album is out on Spinart Records, their new label, after the demise of their gig with Grand Royal, and of Grand Royal itself. Poor Mike D.

With this album, bis is taking a bold and definite step away from their former state of punk pop and toward that dirty category, techno. Many fans seem to be quite unhappy with this development, stating instead their wishes for bis to turn out more infectious pop confections. I, on the other hand, couldn't be happier. If you go through and listen to all the bis albums, you will notice this progression happening already; this is simply a bigger and better step along the road they were already traveling. The much vaunted electric train to London, if you would. I would quite seriously compare it to Kid A. It is an exponential leap forward, musically as well as lyrically, and a damn fine one.

Track list as follows:

  1. what you're afraid of
  2. silverspoon
  3. black pepper
  4. the end starts today
  5. protection
  6. two million
  7. chicago
  8. metal box
  9. we're complicated
  10. robotic
  11. a portrait from space

note: these are not all here yet, give me a couple days.

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