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Based, very fondly, from the chatlogs, Saturday, Labor Day Weekend, 2009.

Hello, I am TK from village TK in TK province. I come this web site and find much information thank you very much. I see you write about all things like America, chemistry and pillows.

What kind chat you have? I am interested in 1 to 1 chat with nice lady, but can also do group chat with lady or man. I am much interested nice wheat-colored lady who like my mother and can cook, or American lady to marry for green card.

Can you make friend here? I like all kind sport, soccer, cricket, badminton, have own truck and listen great singer Michael Jackson and Madonna.

I can write many things. My mother tell me secret of clean house for American who might have dirty. She say you should put cow dung on floor twice day. She say lazy American girl not use cow more than once week, that why they all thin and sick-looking. Cow dung antiseptic guard against insects, AIDS, and swine flu, and make superior tooth polish, not like Western way with burned bones.

I have question from sister who wants to be wheat-color like Michael Jackson and Madonna. Why Beyonce Knowles not make herself white?

I am interested in how I can learn advertising on email, and set up business selling Male Enhancement, Viagra, and Make.Money.Fast.

Can you help me? I would like join your online community very much.

This is not against them. If anything it's against us. There are so many like them, and so few of us, as part of the World Community. (I'm not exaggerating when I come to the "cow dung" part, by the way, some Hindus really (still) think this way.) That we try to push these people out of our way is well, part of the Stuff White People Do: we'd like to think we're liberal-minded, but, really...well, we wish them the best, as long as they're not very close to us. These aren't stray examples, this is what a billion or so new users are going to sound like -- they've heard that the Internet is a magic solution, so, why not order a bride, online sex, instant homework examples, the same kind of company they're used to around the narghile (or equivalent) at home, and how to make money, right now? After all, this is how Bill Gates did it! This is the Internet!

Meanwhile, we're too whitebread to have a node on Ms. Knowles...

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