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Revere was named after Paul Revere, who is famous for his 'one if by land, two if by sea' Midnight Ride.

Originally a part of Chelsea, Massachusetts, according to its city seal, it was known as North Chelsea, then became the town of Revere in 1871, and a city in 1915. It is in the county of Suffolk, one of only three other cities in the county besides Boston (the others are Winthrop and Chelsea).

Revere is heavily Italian in population, like its nearby neighbor East Boston. It borders Winthrop, Lynn, Malden, Saugus, and Chelsea.

US Route 1 and MA Routes 1A and 60 come together within Revere. It is close to the north terminus of the Tobin Bridge into Boston as well as Logan Airport.

Revere boasts the oldest public beach in the United States.

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