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Reversal of Man were an incredible thrash/emo violence band from Tampa, Florida. They existed from 1994 until 2000 when they broke up after a tour of Europe. At the end they were: Matt, Jeff, John, Dan and Chris.

They played blindly fast, fairly technical hardcore with overtly political or social lyrics. They seemed at times to be an exercise in organized chaos; the time changes are lightning fast and the songs are needlessly complex when played at the speeds they are. One thing that sets Reversal of Man apart from other thrashy bands is their intelligence. They obviously knew what they were talking about when they wrote songs about the Middle East conflicts and the US's interests in the area. They were obviously writing from experience when they talked about discrimination, closed-mindedness and the ultimate disintegration of all friendships.

Main Discography:

Splits and Singles:

  • Split LP with Puritan (King of The Monsters)
  • Split LP with Holocran (Pleed)
  • Split 7" with Enemy Soil (Fist Held High)
  • Split 7" with Cease (Pleed)
  • Reversal of Man 7" (Valrico)

Compilation Appearances:

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