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I went to Denmark as an exchange student from Alexandria, Virginia in 1978. That was my senior year of high school. The American Field Service program said, "You wouldn't want to miss your senior year of high school." I said, "Oh, yes I would." and I applied to Youth for Understanding. They called and said, "Pick: Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Norway or Finland." Panicked, I asked my mother. "Don't pick Switzerland. They are clean freaks. You'd hate it." I didn't speak German and had taken Latin in high school. Useless. "Denmark." So that is where I went and I lucked out with my family, the language, gymnasium and all of it.

I took the loose leaf cookbook that my mother had handed each of us I was in 9th grade and grundoon was in 6th grade. "You each cook one night every week. You tell me what you want to cook and I will tell you how and you will write it down." My first recipe was for corned beef in painstaking neat printing. I took the notebook to Denmark and added recipes.....

Wash rhubarb, cut ends off.
Cut into pieces (1 cm).
Set in a pan with a little water, bring to a boil and let simmer until pudding like.
Add potato flour to thicken.
Pour in a pie crust or dish with layers of crumpled up macaroons in between.
Put unsweetened whipped cream on top.

Eat with delight.

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