From Baltimore. Singer/songwriter, guitarist, producer. Leader of The Cars, simultaneously an artsy design project and a consistently (sometimes annoyingly) commercially-viable rock product. Ocasek "gave back to the
community" back then, with production side-projects featuring the Lost Souls of the marketplace (Alan Vega/Suicide, the Bad Brains, Iggy Pop, etc), including, eventually, himself. Consolation prize: Paulina Porizkova.

He's somewhat of a hit-or-miss producer. I love his work with the Cars, but some of his handiwork was not so good. He perfected his sound so well that all of the Possum Dixon album he produced in the late 90s sounded the same.

Ric Ocasek is one of the weirdest looking people I've ever seen. He's so ridiculously thin... Take the grim reaper, and give him flesh. Now put a guitar in his hands. Boom. Ric Ocasek. And, as Monsieur Pingouin has pointed out, his wife is absolutely bloody gorgeous.

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