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Originally known as the Civic Center and completed in May of 1966 The Richard J. Daley Center houses the entire Circut Court of Cook County and many other state and county offices. The building was renamed in 1976, only one week after the mayor died. The building was designed by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill and took only three years to complete.

The building is probably best known outside of Chicago for having the Picasso statue in front of it and that The Blues Brothers drove right through the lobby near the end of the movie. It has often been said that scene would never have been allowed to be filmed if the old man was still alive.

Also known for having some of the most half-assed security in the city. Each entrance is manned by about seven people, with one working the x-ray machine and the rest standing around not paying any attention. I am often amazed at the stuff I’ve gotten through the metal detectors there.

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