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Richard Reeves is a writer and syndicated columnist.

Reeves received his M.E. from Stevens Institute of Technology in 1960. After graduating, he spent a year working as an engineer for Ingersoll-Rand, after which he moved to journalism. From 1961-1965, Reeves worked for the Phillipsburg Free Press (New Jersey), the Newark Evening News, and the New York Herald Tribune before being assigned the post of Chief Political Correspondent for the New York Times in 1996. In 1971, Reeves left the Times to lecture at Hunter College.

Reeves' opinions generally have a liberal bent--he opposed the war to topple Saddam Hussein as "stupid and unnecessary" (column, March 19, 2003)--but shuns "extreme" leftist positions. He pays close attention to happenings overseas and often fills his columns with explanations of current trends based on history. Many of his columns focus on the world's reaction to the United States' political actions.

He has also published nine books, mostly about American politics.

Reeves' twice-weekly column, carried by Universal Press Syndicate, has appeared in more than 160 newspapers across the United States since 1979. He is married to Catherine O'Neil, founder of the Women's Commission for Women and Children Refugees. Together they have five children, and divide their time between Los Angeles and New York.

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