Eponymous hero of Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe series. Richard Sharpe is portrayed as a six foot, dark haired Londoner with a scarred cheek. In the television series, Sharpe was played by Sean Bean, a short, blond Yorkshireman but somehow, it all worked out.

Born in the rookeries of South London, he joined the British Army during the Indian wars and gained promotion to Sergeant.

After heroically saving the life of Sir Arthur Wellesly - later Duke of Wellington - he was promoted again to Ensign, at that time the lowest rank of officer.

The novels contain a fine supporting cast including Wellington himself and Sharpe's henchmen, Sergeant Patrick Harper and Captain William Frederickson.

The first Sharpe novel sees him as a Lieutenant in the 91st Rifles, the regiment that was later to become the Royal Greenjackets.

Sharpe's adventures are related in the following novels:

  • Sharpe's Tiger
  • Sharpe's Triumph
  • Sharpe's Fortress
  • Sharpe's Trafalgar
  • Sharpe's Rifles
  • Sharpe's Eagle
  • Sharpe's Gold
  • Sharpe's Battle
  • Sharpe's Company
  • Sharpe's Sword
  • Sharpe's Enemy
  • Sharpe's Honor
  • Sharpe's Regiment
  • Sharpe's Siege
  • Sharpe's Revenge
  • Sharpe's Waterloo
  • Sharpe's Devil

Historically accurate with extensive author's notes, these books are extremely well written and highly recommended.

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