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Rick Dangerous is a Amiga game made by Core Design and Firebird in the early 90's.
It is a action platformer with "inspiration" from the Indiana Jones type plots that was very popular on that time.

The player controls an Indy-like character through flip-screen 2D mazes filled with traps, treasures and nasty inhabitants. The well-designed levels require not only dexterity with the joystick but also provide lots of work for the "old grey matter" as the player needs to think his way around the puzzles, villains and traps of the level.

Rick Dangerous combines a well known game formula with excellent level design and slick game controls. It has oodles of detail and humour and a charismatic main character. Its gameplay is simple to learn yet difficult to master. A true Amiga classic in its purest form.

As a curiosity, here is a cheat:
On the high score table enter your name in as `POOKY'. Now you won't have to play levels you already have played. It is no use until you have finished level 1.
Press the Space Bar on the title screen and you can play this game in black & white, press the Space Bar again for colors.

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