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If we lived in a more civilized world than we now live in, I would advise everyone to ignore and avoid anyone who tries to convince you, rather than inform you.

But we don't, and I really wish anyone gave me this advice earlier, so maybe it can be useful to someone. Please ignore and avoid anyone, especially public speakers, who seriously believe in the "Left wing/ Right wing divide", because it is enough to disqualify a person from any serious argument, or from the right to make any serious public speeches.

The only exception are arguments, conversations and speeches that are specifically about politics, provided that everyone in them believes in this divide, identifies with one or more ideologies in it, makes his/her alignment known to all other participants in a discussion, and knows (or at the very least doesn't misattribute) the ideologies/alignments of his or her audience.

Now that we have the Internet, there is hell of a lot more publice speakers, and I think I would define public speaker as anyone who is allowed to speak to you with no interruption, and to whom you aren't allowed to reply (or reply isn't 100% guaranteed to be read). If someone preaches Right/Left divide to you in a conversation or an argument, you can always demand him or her to get back on topic, but if it's in public, I advise to as quickly as a person says this to ignore him or her forever, and treat him with nothing but contempt/ lack of respect.

Exactly the same advice would apply to capitalism and socialism (and all the subcategories of both) -- unless an orator is making a speech specifically on the subject of economics, and unless the enemies that he or she verbally attacks do identify as followers of ideology that he attacks (i. e. if he makes a point not to call socialists "capitalists" and vice versa), unless both these excuses are provided, I advice you to despise this person forever.

Most or all of us don't live in the time of political or religious purges anymore, so even though we do live in savage times, I think they are still more civilized compared to other times.

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