To complete this quiz, answer each question and keep track of the number times you select the first answer and the number of times you select the second answer.

  1. Are you better at recognizing and remembering names or faces?
    Select one: Names | Faces
  2. Are you an organized individual or a spontaneous individual?
    Select one: Organized | Spontaneous
  3. Do you like realistic stories or stories that deal in fantasy?
    Select one: Realistic | Fantasy
  4. Do you problem-solve using logic or intuition?
    Select one: Logic | Intuition
  5. Do you like well-structured assignments or open-ended assignments?
    Select one: Well-structured | Open-ended
  6. Do you remember things easily through language or through pictures?
    Select one: Language | Pictures
  7. Do you consider yourself to be very creative or not creative?
    Select one: Not creative | Creative
  8. Do you often produce humorous thoughts and ideas or serious thoughts and ideas?
    Select one: Serious | Humorous
  9. Do you read for details and facts or for main ideas and overviews?
    Select one: Details/facts | Main idea/overview
  10. Do you learn through systematic plans or through exploration?
    Select one: Systematic plans | Exploration

Everytime you selected the first answer, give yourself one point, find your position on the scale below:

Right Brain        No Dominance          Left Brain
0                        5                       10
      ^me (1)

Left brained people tend towards organisation, logic and structure; right brained people tend towards randomness, intuition and chaos. This has little to do with creativity, some of the most creative people I know are firmly left brained, and I have a fairly "right" brain and do not consider myself creative at all.

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