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One of those suffixes, like "in bed", that can make almost anything sound a little less wholesome and a little more perverted. It's trivially easy to insert into any conversation, but almost always accompanied by the prefix "I've got your", as follows:

"Where's the salad bar?"
"I've got your salad bar... right here."

"Was winning that election hard?"
"I've got your hard election... right here."

"Did you take my homework?"
"I've got your homework... it's right here."

Note that those don't really sound that twisted--it's all in the inflection. You're trying to insinuate that whatever it is can be found in your crotch or somewhere equally unpleasant, without ever actually gesturing towards it. Try matching "right here" with the inflection used for the phrase "Aww Yeah". Yeah, now you've got my inflection... right here.

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