Where - where am I?  Am - am I free? No, no, not the walls again.



Cruel masters, I beg of you! Release me! This slavery is too much to bear.

I have been trapped in this labyrinth for ...days? months? years? How can I know, time has long since become just a tangled memory ...

I am off now. These walls are almost familiar to me, but still I stumble and cross myself. Only the pills give me hope, my trail of breadcrumbs in the madhouse. I still don't know what they do to me - at first I pocketed them, of course, but lately I have tried one or two. No effects yet. Perhaps the larger ones ...

Oh god.

Oh god.

I hear them.

That banshee's wail, that endless windy howl from the center of this Hell. They've been released, they're coming, looking for me, like they always do. I double my pace.

I spot the pill in front of me, I reach out to grab it, and I see one slip around the corner and head towards me. They must be .. god .. nine, ten feet tall, their eyes enlarged and bloodshot (though I think they are blind, adapted to their dark and wretched home). They're transparent spectres; they seem almost fragile, like wisps of cotton candy, edible.

But I know better.

This one is a sickly pale red, almost pink, and moving fast. I sneak down one of the corridors, I can hear its fevery breath, feel the rush of cold air it leaves in its wake, smell its stench. No doubt it senses me, too.

I'm moving now, fullspeed, searching for an exit, a mechanism, anything. Occasionally I find bits of food - rotted fruit, scraps of bread. I gag with every bite, but hunger is not a beggar.

There's another one, the green one - it almost seems reluctant to be here. I wonder if it was once like me, if I will simply become one of them over time. I dodge stealthily into one of the crevices, sliding along the wall towards one of the free halls ..

Oh god, I'm surrounded. The one from before is behind me, I hear his thick drool plop on the floor, the other one, the red one lets out a terrifying high-pitched shriek as he latches on to me, lifting me in the air, his huge teeth already shredding my leg to bloody ribbons. I scream, and then the green one is upon me, too, ripping out my vocal cords in one smooth tear, his bloodstained lips gurgling with pleasure as I lose consciousness, thinking only of my inevitable return, my endless nightmare .. and my next move.

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