We've come a long way, the US has. I can go to school and voice my views on the suburbs, the president, I can openly admit my homosexuality, wear nail polish and lipstick (if I wanted to), and only get a few minor odd glances. But amongst our ultimate new freedoms there is a voice being stifled, someone who is going quite unheard. The equal voice of the bigot is shushed.

Who are we, proponents of freedom, to keep down ANYONE. The first amendment was put there to be sure that this country isn't ruled by any single set of ideas. It was made so that no one could act out the sin of pride, believing that they were inherently better than anyone because of their beliefs. I believe that it is not only my right, but my duty, to defend my freedom to act, believe, and speak how I choose. It is therefore my duty to defend beliefs I disagree with.

Mr. KKK, feel free to burn your cross and wave your swastika-covered flag (as long as it's on YOUR private property or during a state-sanctioned gathering). To all the bigots, feel free to express yourselves just as freely as anyone else. But expect opposition.

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