So my manager drove up from Pennsylvania to pay us a site visit at Lockheed today (only the 2nd time I've met him in two summers), and he decides to treat me to a gourmet meal at McDonald's. The girl takes my order, gets my food, the usual. I start to walk away with my tray, and then as a joke I said, "You know, you forgot to thank me for choosing McDonald's!" I've been to this McDonald's quite a few times, and I think this was the first time they actually forgot. Anyway, the girl gets a really weird look on her face and then starts apologizing about fifty times. I start to say that I was just joking around, but she still is being really apologetic. It's about this time that I notice her supervisor had started to wander over, so I took my tray and went to sit down since I really didn't want to make a scene.

About 10 minutes later, over a terribly interesting conversation about project specs and mission critical documents, we hear some yelling and screaming coming from the back of the restaurant. My manager (Steve) cracks a joke, saying something like "Looks like you'd make a good manager--barely a sentence and you're getting people fired!" We both have a good chuckle over that one, until I notice the server girl coming over to the table. In street clothes. With tears streaming down her face. With pure hatred in her eyes, she stares straight at me and says..."Thank you for choosing McDonald's, you piece of SHIT!" She then walks right out of the restaurant.

The restaurant supervisor comes over next, profusely apologizing for the horrible, horrible way we'd been treated. The girl had been immediately fired and would never bother anyone here again. I'm in complete shock at this point, and Steve has soda (pop for you Illinois freaks) coming out of his nose from laughing so hard. I try to tell the manager that I really *had* just been joking around, but all he did was apologize again and get me some free McDonald's gift certificates to make it up to me.

Beat that.

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