Ring Now

Ring. Ring, dammit. Ring. Ring. Ok. Ring now. Ring now... Alright, ring now. Ring. Ring, goddamn you, ring. Oh, you think this is funny? Ring. You think this is some big joke? Ring. I’ve been waiting for two hours now. You’re going to ring. If you don’t ring right now, I’m going to leave. If you don’t ring in the next 10 seconds, I’m going to leave. Alright, this is how it’s going to be – I’m going to turn my back, and you’re going to ring. Then, I’m going to turn back around, and I’m going to pick you up. And she’ll be there, and she’ll tell me she’s had no fun tonight, and she wants to come over. Just like she did the other night. Just normal, like that. Ring, for Christ’s sake, ring!

And then, then, she’s gonna make me wait, just like she did, make me sweat a little. And I’m gonna go a bit crazy, waiting for her, and just when I start to think she’s not going to come, just like before, she’ll knock on the window, and I’ll fall off my chair, and she’ll laugh, and I’ll open the door, and she’ll come in. And she’ll be soaking wet, cause it’ll be raining, like it was, and we’ll both laugh, and she’ll ask for a towel. Christ, come on, damn you, ring! And once she’s dry, we’ll sit on my couch, like last time, and I’ll ask her how it went, and she’ll tell me that she never really liked him anyway, and we’ll laugh, and then she’ll look at me, and I’ll look at her, and we’ll forget why we ever broke up, and we’ll kiss.

Not me kissing her, not her kissing me, but... but us. It’ll be a mutual thing, both of us together at once at the same time. It’ll be perfect. And she’ll spend the night, but we won’t have sex, because it’ll be too soon. And she’ll forget all about the fight we had, and the things she said, and about him. And we’ll wake up on my couch in my basement, and she’ll be lying on top of me, with her head to the side, and my hand’ll be on her back, idly caressing her, and we’ll both be awake, but we won’t talk, because it’ll be a perfect moment, just the two us together at the same time. Perfect. All I need you to do is ring. Just ring, and it’ll be her, and everything will be perfect. Just ring. Ring now. Ring now. Ring.

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