Akagi Ritsuko is the female designer, and head programmer for the organization known as NERV in the anime series Neon Genisis Evangelion. She has designed the Magi, which are 3 seperate computers that work together to form a type of "government" for Tokyo-3. Casper is one of the computers, it was designed with Ritsuko's mother at its core, her brain.

One of the computers characterizes her mother as a mother, the other as a doctor, and the last as a woman. These 3 computers would work together to get a 2/3 majority decision for any type of major conflict. They would also be used to analyze the information of any type of Angel attack.

Akagi Ritsuko's life work was to help Ikari Gendou with his The Human Instrumentality Project. There was also a small, but seemingly physical only romance between him and her.

A scientist assigned to the First Technology Bureau Section of the Technical Development Dept. in NERV HQ. Head of the E Project, she is also the daughter of Dr. Naoko Akagi, creator of MAGI's basic system. Usually attired in a white lab coat, she consumes large quantities of coffee and cigarettes while she works. She has been friends with Misato Katsuragi since their university years. Like her mother, she was involved in an illicit relationship with Gendou Ikari, but then rebelled against him in the final stages of the Instrumentality Project and destroyed all the clones of Rei Ayanami as a means of taking her revenge. As a result, she was confined within NERV HQ, but then later released as she was needed for the self defence of MAGI. Birthdate: November 21, Blood type: B, Age: 30

Source: The End of Evangelion : Glossary contained within The End of Evangelion - Theatrical Program.

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